Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On our way to Alabama...

My hands can barely type this because of all the strapping of boxes I've been doing for the past week. But Mom and I are on our way today, leaving Atlanta for all points west. Ultimate goal: Los Angeles. Two Nivens in a Beetle, and anyone who knows the Nivens knows we love to bring many things with us, especially on trips. When you're traveling with three cats in a VW Beetle, this can be a challenge.

But the car is almost packed. We have: crunchy Cheetos for Mom (her road food of choice), 500 bags of Salad Peas (or whatever they're called) for me, and several dozen cans of BBQ Pringles. We also have: my iPod, numerous CDs, three cat carriers, cat toys, cat food, litter boxes, suitcases, linens, pillows, books, multiple bags, wine (which we won't be drinking while driving), travel bingo, and many different make-up cases. And my camera, so the entire trip can be documented.

So now I'm getting up and getting ready and going to get this menagerie on the road...

Goal today: Louisiana.

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